"It’s a work of such lyric beauty, such prescient wisdom, such clarity of vision and such contemporary resonance that I’m going to rave about it... This isn’t just a good first play. It’s a good play, period."


The Comedian's Tragedy

New Play                                                             Ancient World 

423 BCE.  The Gods are hungry.  The greatest city of her age, Athens, has fallen: wracked with plague, war, drink, sex, and a dark fog of nihilism slowly eating away at her light.  A young, troubled Aristophanes walks through the twilight of his civilization, and when a Persian demands that he save Greece, Aris must stand and fight: for the past, for the future, and against spirits who might be more than marble statues in a temple.  What do you regret?  What would you do to change it?

Coming to the Access Theater, June 20th - July 7th, 2019 

Upcoming Events

The Comedian's Tragedy, our one-of-a-kind thrilling new story of Ancient Athens, is coming to NY in June of 2019. Theater events and performances are a result of the hard work and dedication of our incredible staff and acclaimed performers. Check out our calendar and see what’s coming up this season, we guarantee you’ll find an event that gets your artistic juices flowing.


April - May - June 2019

Special thanks to Berg'n, one of Brooklyn's great event spaces, for throwing us a party to celebrate the beginning of a grand adventure.  Watch this space for more chances to meet the artistic team-- Come for a drink, leave ready to see a thrilling new play in the heart of NYC.  Featuring special guests from some of New York's best and brightest, the only thing we're missing is you.


June 20th - July 7th, 2019

Be in the audience for the New York Premiere of THE COMEDIAN'S TRAGEDY at the Access Black Box, 380 Broadway, NY, NY.  When you fire the decadence of Cabaret with the passion of the Oresteia, the perfect tragedy of All My Sons with the high ideas and low comedy of Henry IV, the dark framing lens of Marat/Sade with the twisted imagination of American Gods, what comes out of the kiln?  Good question.  We'd love to show you.

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Table work!!!!

Our incredible cast hard at work as rehearsals are underway.  

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