• mattamendt

And we're off!

Monday, February 4th was a heck of a start, with dozens of friends and colleagues from around the country coming together in Brooklyn for our launch party, celebrating this roller coaster of a play beginning to crank its way uphill...

Playwright Matthew Amendt and Director Bill McCallum

Special thanks to Berg'n for hosting us, Maia Mazaurette for allowing us to auction her incredible show-inspired art, Galbraith and Paul in Philadelphia for their stunning home goods/prints/artwork, and the phenomenal businesses who graced us with gift certificates, classes, wine, and bar tabs.

And don't get us started on the sex toys...

Tony Nominee Kathryn Meisle

More than anything, thanks to the many artists, and friends, who gave of their time and resources to help us bring Athens back to life this summer. We're inspired, and can't wait to make you proud.

Where's Waldo? Oscar winner Kevin Kline and Broadway Darling Patrick Vaill (Oklahoma), check out the sites

Let's party again soon, eh?


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